Regenerative Therapy

Dr. Singh provides detailed health evaluations for patients who are motivated and committed. As a specialist in treating medical conditions using non-surgical methods, Dr. Singh has long been an advocate of regenerative therapy.

Regenerative medicine is defined as the process of replacing or "regenerating" human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function. Regenerative medicine and therapy involves the process of identifying the damaged tissues and organs in the body, then either replacing the damaged tissue or by stimulating the body's own repair mechanisms to heal tissues or organs.

Regenerative therapy treatment is also restorative in that the cells your body needs are regenerated and restored to near original condition. Dr. Singh applies this treatment in accordance with FDA guidelines.

Dr. Singh has become a strong advocate for regenerative therapy and personally discussed FDA approved treatment options with several leading authorities at the FDA, most notably renowned medical expert and author Dr. Peter Marks, Head of Research at the FDA, whose ground-breaking studies on regenerative therapy have appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Click here to read his research and findings on regenerative medicine.

What sets regenerative medicine apart from many traditional drugs is that the latter mostly treat symptoms, whereas the former aims to treat the root cause of a patient's condition by replacing, regenerating or restoring lost or damaged cells or organs.

Regenerative therapy and medicine is an ideal solution for pain sufferers looking for an alternative to surgery. To learn more about our regenerative therapy treatment options, please contact us today.

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