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Tom and Janet Beal

We have always been too busy working and never made enough time for ourselves. We knew the importance of wellness and exercise, but it was always put on the back burner. Dr. Singh told us about a new doctor-supervised wellness program at Barrow and we both decided to get on board. Dr. Singh explained that this program is designed to give you the best workout in a short amount of time. They were told to do eight reps on each machine at a steady pace in order to combine cardio, resistance and strength training. Tom became addicted to it.  We became so comfortable with our workouts– and felt so full of energy– that we decided to branch out and start taking dance lessons too. We are so grateful for his extensive evaluation and treatment recommendations and we have the added comfort of knowing we are in good hands should we feel our health slipping in some way.

Linda Kehrnes

Dr. Raj Singh has changed my life!!! I was overweight, depressed, in pain & was in major despair. Dr. Singh believed in me & challenged me to lose weight so I could get back surgery. I lost 70 pounds and had my back surgery in August & feel great! Dr. Singh continues to encourage me to this day! After my back surgery, I chose to continue my physical therapy at Barrow Brain & Spine with Dr. Singh! He's the best!

Molly Jacobson

Dr. Singh is amazing, passionate, extremely wise and skilled at his practice. At my first appointment after giving me a precise accurate diagnosis and making a game plan, he looked me in the eyes and promised me he would take care of me and not to worry. Those are the the words of a doctor who is compassionate in helping patients: unheard of now a days. He gets to the root of the problem and as promised, fixes it. He was on my team always, he batted for ME. He is Superman.

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