Botox, known medically as Botulinum Toxin-A, is used to treat certain neuromuscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by providing restorative support to muscles in the face and neck. Recent advances in Botox provide evidence that Botox treatment is highly effective in treating neuropathic pain and nerve pain.

Dr. Singh is a firm believer in the use of Botox combined with regenerative therapy to treat conditions like head and neck pain as a result of whiplash (for example as a result of an auto accident), as well as conditions like cervical dystonia,  a condition where muscles in the neck have imbalance, pain or spasms.

Botox has been used effectively by Dr. Singh in patients experience spasms and spasticity occurring from overuse of muscles, muscle injury, abnormal posture, brain injuries and even patients recovering from strokes. Botox has also been highly effective, in combination with regenerative medicine, in helping patients overcome Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or pain originating from arthritis affecting the spinal facet joints. Most patients receiving Botox treatment are experiencing symptoms of neck pain, whiplash, trauma and severe headaches, and most usually a result of an automobile accident.

Dr. Singh’s use of Botox is highly specialized. He is one of a very few physicians in Arizona who applies Botox through EMG guidance, which makes the injection highly precise and accurate. What’s more, most insurance providers cover Botox treatment when EMG guided. Dr. Singh is the only doctor licensed to provide this treatment in the Barrow network. Further, it is expected that usage of Botox will increase over time due to its efficacy as well as serving as a much safer option versus the prescription of medications which typical come with unwanted side effects.


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