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Neurology Specialist

Dr. Raj Singh, MD is a neurology specialist in Scottsdale, AZ and has been practicing for 40 years. He specializes in neurology, physical medicine & rehabilitation, regenerative therapy and a holistic wellness approach that ensures all patients are able to maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

Trained and educated at some of the premiere medical programs in the country, Dr. Singh holds his medical degree in Neurology from the Northwestern University School of Medicine and his physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at the world-renowned Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Dr. Singh is also a certified Cenegenics physician, specializing in age management and wellness through best health practices in lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, metabolic and hormonal optimization.

One of the most trusted names in medicine, Dr. Singh truly practices what he preaches by living an active lifestyle himself, one that consists of a holistic wellness program, proper nutrition, exercise, and a positive outlook.


Dr. Raj Singh sits down with Dr. Doug Lakin to discuss the benefits of regenerative medicine.


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